What People Think

“What People Think” is an original, handcut paper collage on 8×10 canvas panel.

It’s probably no secret that I love words. And I love old books and magazines, too. Many of these phrases came from some old Time magazines that I scored at a rummage sale. I don’t recall the overall topic, but as I was clipping away, several of the articles had little popularity polls, in little boxes, with the “What People Think” caption.

As I envisioned all of the thoughts going on in my vintage gal’s head, “What People Think” was a perfect phrase to repeat. She’s thinking all sorts of things, but for each thought in her mind, she is wondering what people will think. (I fall prey to that trap, too.)

I added a group shot from an old high school yearbook. In addition to her thoughts, there is a group of people in the background, perhaps judging her thoughts.

What do you think?