Breezin’ Along

“Breezin’ Along” is an original handcut paper collage on heavy watercolor paper.

I’m always smitten with old school books with notes and writing inside. This collage highlights a vintage textbook’s Index, along with tons of notes. In order to maintain this focal interest, I kept the design simple and monochromatic – a vintage car and some intriguing text – the viewer is welcome to draw their own stories and conclusions!


Book Smart

“Book Smart” is an original handcut paper collage on an actual book cover. Some imperfections in the substrate are part of its charm and one of a kind status.

I love books and I love all things vintage, so original collage on book covers is a natural. This lovely green novel featured a map, to which I added the ominous sounding “Street St.” from a penmanship workbook, and an actual library checkout card. A typed announcement for the church ice cream fundraiser is matched with the actual registration card from my vintage Smith-Corona manual typewriter. The guy might be Moses – I don’t quite remember, but he appears to have some tablet with writing, keeping with the book theme. His rather confused expression made me chuckle when I added the text “You can look thrillingly smart.” Thus, Book Smart was born.



“Kodachrome” is an original, handcut paper and collage on 5×5 watercolor paper.

A monochromatic trip down memory lane, Kodachrome features actual Kodacolor film, a camera manual and other fun, vintage ephemera. Better than a selfie and an Instagram filter, this mini work of art will turn the conversation to nostalgia and a simpler time.


Funny Face

“Funny Face” is an original, handcut paper collage on 8.5×10.5 cardboard.

This guy is an explosion of nostalgic ephemera: sheet music, advertising, book pages, hand-written correspondence. All combine to draw our focus to the upstanding, well-dressed gentleman, with a line drawing for a head. His visage is further enhanced by comic book eyes, a random smile, and a vintage hat to top off his ensemble.

He’s a quirky guy, and the hand sort of points this out. I think being a “Funny Face” is a bit of “a trial” to him, but we are all somewhat funny-faced from time to time.


Contestant #3

“Contestant #3” is an original handcut paper collage on 5×7 matboard.

This vintage catalog gal, with her hat and her fur, is definitely a winner in my book. The background of random magazine text is off-set by the prominence of the number 3 sticker. I do love experimenting with the juxtaposition of old and new, and I always love using words and text. I added some circles, stamped in black ink, to break up the words a bit. I also love the colorization of the woman’s image – amazed at the detail and colors that I am seeing in such an old catalog. (The descriptions are pretty awesome, too – I wonder how many copywriters they had for a 700 page catalog back in the 30s!)



“Framed” is an original, handcut paper collage on 5×7 matboard.

I do love the beard guy in this piece. He is echoed by the large mustache on the other gentleman, but the main focal point, to me, is the use of old Kodak film to “frame” the images. Other photos, and a piece of a gold frame round out the piece.

Aside from the film, which was tucked into an old photo envelope, chock full of negatives and film processing ads, the other unique vintage find is from a set of Chicago Cubs baseball playing cards. Each card features a player or broadcaster, and is a trip down Memory Lane for this transplanted Chicago gal.



“Flirtation” is an original handcut paper collage on 5×7 matboard.

I am struck by her eyes. She was in a 1950s men’s magazine ad, and her eyes just captured me. Add a little background – textbook and old ads – and, obviously, someone for her to be looking at – that’s where I came up with “Flirtation”. I didn’t start with her, though, or the background. I started with the photo. I got a couple of baggies full of black and white school photos at a garage sale last year. This was the only one of a couple, and the crack in the photo between the two started telling a story for me.