Fish Tales #2

Fish Tales #2 – Millie from Milwaukee (part of a series)

Meet Millie, the hostess with the mostest. She knows that Schlitz is the beer that made Milwaukee famous, but her cheese puffs are the hors d’oeuvres that made her cul-de-sac notorious! The secret is a dash of….oh, you thought I was going to share Millie’s recipe? Not on your life! She might tell you, but she’s enjoying her fish tail a bit too much at the cocktail parties.

Fish Tales #1 πŸ”΄

Fish Tales #1 – Delores from Des Moines (first in a series)

Meet Delores, a fabulous 50’s housewife, living the dream with her matching appliances and wall-to-wall kitchen carpeting. At a recent cocktail party, Delores retreated to the kitchen to refresh the pimento dip pinwheels, and nearly knocked over the cheese ball with her new tail! What’s a gal to do, but continue the party conversation, as a mermaid, and keep refilling the Manhattans?


A Most Peculiar Bird

Mixed media collage on 4″x6″ cardboard.

This sweet little birdie is a combination of vintage pages and handpainted papers. A simple color palette and some shadowing and mark-making complete this cute little creature!

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Shadows and Light πŸ”΄

Mixed media collage on 5″x5″ cradled wood panel.

This monochromatic little piece is the first in a series of 5″x5″ panels. Vintage papers, book pages and some mark-making combine in a grid pattern to create a simple, yet satisfying, composition.


This image is now available on some of my products at Redbubble – check it out here. (I love these leggings!)

Imperfect Garden πŸ”΄

Mixed media collage on 10″ x 10″ deep wood panel.

This colorful little piece was an experiment and I love how it turned out! The background strips are deli paper sheets that I used to clean paint off of my brayer while monoprinting. Cut and pasted down with gel medium, they form the background for my little flower. The flower is heavy watercolor paper, covered with the painted deli papers, cut into a freehand flower, and outlined with paint marker. When I went to glue down the flower, I noticed that it wanted to curl outward. Instead of gluing it flat, I decided to just attach the flower’s center, and let the petals stick out a bit, making this piece a bit 3-dimensional!

This image is now available on some of my products at Redbubble – check it out here.

πŸ”΄ *SOLD*

Mission Fiesta

Mixed media collage on craft interfacing. 8″x8″ matted and framed to 12″x12″.

This little piece was a lot of fun to create! The craft interfacing is a new-to-me substrate, and I was excited to give it a try. The background is a series of colorful gelli-plate printed papers that I created and tore into pieces. The Alamo image was printed on deli paper, and attached to the background before I pulled out the sewing machine and added some zig-zag stitching to outline the building. I finished it off with some fiesta-colored Posca pens, and I think I really achieved the “Fiesta” vibe that permeates San Antonio, a city that I really love.

This image is available on some of my products at Redbubble – check it out here.