Some ‘splaining to do

Many layers are hidden behind the blue background and the Lucy in the corner is dark and somewhat hidden in this mysterious piece. The high gloss protective finish over the surface makes her a bit difficult to photograph, but she definitely makes a statement. If you love Lucy, you’ll love this piece!

Lucy lives on a solid, repurposed tabletop and is ready to hang on a wire.

match game | dating game

“match game | dating game” is an original, mixed media assemblage piece with found objects, cigar boxes, game pieces, 10 groomsmen, and moving parts! There is a lot going on here!

This piece, “match game | dating game”, started with a garage sale find – a ziploc baggie with not one, not two, but TEN plastic groomsmen – you know, the kind that go on the top of wedding cakes. I wanted to use all ten, and that is how this assemblage art piece was born.

Other “finds” in this piece include: cigar boxes, game boards (Monopoly, Parchesi, checkers, and a regional “Texas Tycoon” version of Monopoly), random puzzle pieces and game pieces (dice, checkers, Scrabble tiles, dominoes, Legos, poker chips, Monopoly houses, Bingo numbers), along with some odd bits (old cell phone, Dymo labels, a rusty old saw blade) and my usual assortment of ephemera (yearbooks, playing cards, Lotería cards). Add a spring, a bottle cap, some wire and some beads because I wanted to have “movement” in the piece. Plus a bit of paint, a thrift store frame, and lots of glue/adhesives.