Red Car

“Red Car” is an original, mixed media collage on 5×7 matboard.

Of course, the old model red car is a striking visual in this collage, but my very favorite piece is the “Fill Box at This End” portion from an old Bingo game. The game came with a small red box with a cellophane window, and tiny round plastic Bingo numbers. You loaded the box up with these little tokens and then shook the next number out the other end of the box, which had a small slit in it.

Old board games are a favorite source for me. I have been known to use every possible part of an old game – the game board, the cards, the spinners, the play money, the tokens – it’s all a big game in trying to give new life to old games that might be missing a piece or two. Keep your eyes open at thrift stores and garage sales – there are treasures to be found!

Getting back to the namesake “Red Car”, this car came from another thrift store treasure – it was in an old 3-ring binder that was lovingly put together by an old car enthusiast. In addition to old newsletters from a Cadillac LaSalle car club, there were magazine clippings and pages of collectible cars carefully preserved in document protectors. I almost didn’t pick it up, as most old 3-ring binders at the thrift store are empty. I was very happy that I gave this one a second glance.

Also featured in this collage: old school workbook, ledger paper, rice paper, and a transfer image from a Lotería card.