Peek-A-Boo 🔴

This sweet and sexy vintage gal stands out on her colorful, intricate, layered background. I found her on the cover of a 1940s girly magazine. This issue was dedicated to bad girls, but she has much more sweetness than the criminals and mischief makers captured within the pages, all in grainy black and white photos. She’s a bit of a tease, lifting her pale blue tulle skirt, high on her thighs. I imagine that her mother dressed her similarly when she paid for ballet lessons in elementary school. Her blond hair is swept up into a conservative bun, with only a slight hint of a “come hither” look in her eyes. She’s ready to dance into your life, and show you a thing or two.

The collage measures 16″x20″ on a wrapped canvas, edged in black, with a protective gloss finish and ready to hang.