Once Upon a Time 🔴 

“Once Upon a Time” is a series of 24 small collages, assembled as a concertina or accordion book. The words come from familiar nursery rhymes – one line is enough to make you recall the entire verse. The women are from 1890’s to 1917 magazine pages – a true step back in time – before the pandemic of 1918-1920. The backgrounds are from an old book of Texas Legal Forms – although mostly layered over, each background was chosen to work with the particular nursery rhyme. The colorful bits were a mixed media collage that I cut into pieces and the colors in that piece helped me to choose a 1915 personal calendar, with pencil entries for every single day – some as simple as “Went to church” or “Went to school” – a reminder of a simpler time. As I built the layers of these small collages, I built something that would also work together to be greater and different than the sum of these small pieces. It’s a story; it’s a journey; it’s a “new normal.”

In 2020, 42 Rockport Artists created art responding to our changing times. Selected by a jury panel, these artists received grants totaling $150,000 that culminated in this exhibition. Thank you to Fine Line Group, Alice Walton Foundation, Tartaglino Richards Family Foundation for providing these seminal grants. This piece will be displayed (and available for purchase!) at the New Normal exhibit at Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, TX, from August 6, 2021 through September 4, 2021. See you there!


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