Travelling Show

Here’s another piece that I recently donated to a fundraiser for the Rockport Center for the Arts. I’ve been a member since 2014, when I officially took on the “Winter Texan” title. Their building is a total loss due to Hurricane Harvey.

I combined some fun vintage imagery with part of a poorly aged game box (Uncle Ike’s Circus). I included a Greyhound ad from 1945, part of my latest super-cool acquisition, several bound issues of The Beeville (TX) Picayune from 1945. It’s quite fragile, but the ads and articles are incredible – lots of wartime messages in the advertising. The red plastic “W”s are from a vintage advertising sign, purchased at a Goodwill when I first began my RV lifestyle – the Goodwill workers had sorted all of the letters for the signboard AND put a little message on it – “WELCOME TO THE MONKEY LOUNGE” – which still graces the sign, and my trailer, to this day.



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