Start with a Thrift Store Painting

I have found that I do my best creative thinking when I make up little challenges. It’s sort of like looking in the refrigerator and challenging yourself to make a new recipe based only on what you have. So I make a lot of challenges to myself to “start with” something, and just see where … Read more Start with a Thrift Store Painting

IDEA Artistry – Take the 30 Day Challenge

Take the IDEA Artistry 30 Day Challenge to a more inspired life! Grab your free download to get started. Then join us on a 30 day journey to idea creation and artistry! The workshop begins September 1, 2017, but you’ll want to sign up today so that your BIG BOX OF IDEAS can arrive at … Read more IDEA Artistry – Take the 30 Day Challenge

IDEA Artistry – Free Download

Grab your free download today and get inspired! This is a great method for artists, writers, entrepreneurs, makers – anyone trying to add some creative thinking to their process and workflow. If you’re ready to generate and test out your ideas, you are in the right place! IDEA Artistry begins with some very simple concepts, … Read more IDEA Artistry – Free Download