Rockport Blue Crab

I chose Rockport, Texas, in 2014 as the “Winter Texan” home for me and my RV. A quaint little coastal community, full of artists and Texas charm, Rockport has been my winter home since then. From wind-swept coastal live oaks, to our Blue Wave beach, I love the shops and galleries along Austin Street and … Read more Rockport Blue Crab

T-Shirt Tuesday – Merry Texmas – Rockport Strong

It’s T-Shirt Tuesday! This shirt is based on a photo I took of the iconic Blue Crab in Rockport, Texas. The crab was destroyed and swept out to sea when our tiny coastal town became the target of Hurricane Harvey this year. As our little town rebuilds, I wanted a shirt to support “Rockport Strong” … Read more T-Shirt Tuesday – Merry Texmas – Rockport Strong