In the Studio – 5 minute collages

Here’s something that I’ve been working on in the studio. Some quickies for your enjoyment! Just to challenge my intuitive and artistic mind, these 5-minute collages were made with a “blind” grab bag assortment of images. Harder than it sounds!     Enjoy what you just read? Doing your Amazon shopping using my affiliate link is a great … Read more In the Studio – 5 minute collages

Blackout Poetry – Quick DIY

Stealing from Austin Kleon again – not really, but here’s a quick way to stretch your creative muscles. Kleon, Austin-based artist and author of Steal Like An Artist, is also well-known for his blackout poetry. Check out his latest little ditty here: The Value of Nonsense Here are a couple of Blackout Poems that I … Read more Blackout Poetry – Quick DIY

WIP – Michael Meadors Workshop

Here are a few works in progress from a wonderful workshop I recently attended with New York artist Michael Meadors. I especially encourage you to check out his MAIDEN AMERICA collection. His works in that series were the inspiration for these works-in-progress. (Almost didn’t attend the workshop because the catalog said it was about charcoal … Read more WIP – Michael Meadors Workshop