Online Auction Action

Last year, I discovered Global Artisans Online Auction, a Facebook Group that hosts weekly art auctions and special 24-hour sales.

This weekend, I am pleased to announce that my presence in this group will be expanded as I have been offered an Admin role. You’ll find me Admin-ing for the monthly Extravaganza Weekends. This also means that you’ll see more of my work each weekend, which challenges me to make more work. I’ve already enjoyed getting to know the group members and artists and I definitely appreciate the friendships and supporters that I’ve found through this amazing group of artists and buyers. Thanks much to Jennifer DeSantis (also known as LadyJennD) for creating the group and all of the other wonderful Admins for welcoming and training me. 

I’m thrilled to be a featured artist this weekend, and I will be offering a variety of new works and new techniques. Here’s a sneak peek. You’ll find some quirky takes on vintage imagery – I hope y’all enjoy.


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