NaNoWriMo Collage Cover Art

Participating in National Novel Writing Month this November?

Let me help you reach your goal of 50,000 words!

Statistics have shown that NaNoWriMo participants with a well-designed book cover for their work-in-progress have a much better shot at reaching their goal in November. I will be taking on a limited number of “Inspirational Book Cover” projects this year – 30 in 30 days is MY goal. You inspire me with your title and project, and I’ll create an original mixed media collage. I’ll then inspire you by turning my art into a sample book cover for your project.

Here’s a sample – first I created an original mixed media collage, then I did some digital magic to change up the look, and, finally, a sample book cover, complete with title and author (that’s you!)

Here’s another one:

For details and to purchase your NaNoWriMo Inspirational Book Cover, click here.

For the NaNoWriMo EDITION of IDEA Artistry, click here.

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