Monthly Inspiration & Daily Art – New Challenge!

I’m a huge fan of daily creative practices. My own daily art challenge is found on this blog, under the art ala cARTe tab. I do create daily, though I am behind on scanning, uploading and blogging about my daily work – that is my trouble at the moment, but I am working on getting it all caught up and into a daily(?) workflow, so stay tuned.

Many people have problems with a daily challenge due to lack of ideas, or, quite the opposite, too many ideas. This is where prompts can be helpful. But I’ve found most prompts to be a bit dull or repetitive. (Or if you try to use writing prompts, they are often too detailed or complicated to work well with a visual art practice.)

Here’s a new challenge for March – I hope you will join me!

I’ve got 31 mini challenges for you.

What is Mixed Media March Minis about?

As I was looking at my daily “to do” list, I noticed a little section that constantly appears jotted in a corner, or sometimes on post-it notes, or in the margins of other writings…

The theme was clear.

“LEARN ABOUT __________”



“WHAT IF ________ ?”

So, I decided to create a new daily challenge, for you, and for me. My new version of “March Madness” is about trying, learning, experimenting, and imagining.

Here are some suggestions to ensure your success in this, or any daily creative challenge:

  • Keep it small and manageable. (Hence the “minis” – I plan to work on 4”x4” or 5”x5” squares – you could do minis, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), or your art journal spreads.)
  • Set aside time each day. I find that I’m most able to set aside consistent time for daily art most mornings, after some coffee, but before other commitments/crises take over.
  • Forget perfection. Better yet, embrace imperfection! Give yourself permission to play, experiment, try new things, combine techniques, and go off in any direction the prompt (or the muse) lead you.
  • Feel free to combine prompts, skip prompts, or add your own ideas.
  • Use what you have. Don’t look at these ideas and translate them into a big art supply shopping list! Improvise! Use your own “try this” list.
  • Accountability! This challenge is set up with an incentive to share your work. Post your daily “experiments” in the FRAME Facebook Group and on Instagram. You’ll find encouragement, and it will also help you stay committed. Sharing your work is part of the process.


In the March Minis Zine, you’ll find 31 mini challenges. Each day, pick one for inspiration or a new technique to play with.



  1. Make art.
  2. Post in FRAME Facebook Group and Instagram.
  3. Tag your posts with the hashtag #MARCHMINIS.
  4. Each tagged post is an entry to win. There will be a drawing at the end of the month, plus other little giveaways throughout the month to keep you motivated.




Download the free Mixed Media March Minis Zine from Gumroad for all of the prompts.

Get the Zine!

Join the FRAME Facebook Group.

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