March Minis – Day 2 of Mixed Media Challenge

Day 2 of the Mixed Media March Minis creative challenge.

Today’s mini challenge was to incorporate fabric or lace or bric-brac or cheesecloth. I’m committed to using what I have and NOT running out to buy supplies or materials for this challenge – until I stumble across something that I really like – then I’ll definitely invest in making more!

So, true confessions time – I do not sew. Not well. Not ever. Home Ec class a million years ago was torture. So – not a lot of fabric, etc. in my stash. But I did have some red bric-brac (from a Christmas haul at the thrift store, I think) and some white hem lace (from who knows where). But I wasn’t feeling it… no inspiration… So I pulled out the paint!

Painted an acrylic background and then I decided to paint my bric-brac and my lace. I painted them black – say “black bric-brac” 3 times fast!

Here’s my abstract mixed media mini for the day – not my favorite, but it is done and done is good.


In the March Minis Zine, you’ll find 31 mini challenges. Each day, pick one for inspiration or a new technique to play with.

Here some inspiration for today’s challenge:


This video is a bit more complicated than what I’d try for a daily challenge, but I want to keep it around to re-watch and try one day if I find the supplies.

I’d love to see your creations!



  1. Make art.
  2. Post in FRAME Facebook Group and Instagram.
  3. Tag your posts with the hashtag #MARCHMINIS.
  4. Each tagged post is an entry to win. There will be a drawing at the end of the month, plus other little giveaways throughout the month to keep you motivated.




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