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I want to introduce you to some amazing people. Jes and Reid Richardson of Rockport, TX, have created a life of creative re-use and up-cycling reclaimed art from the wreckage of Hurricane Harvey. Their creativity, work ethic, ethical business practices, and overall enthusiasm are an inspiration.

They recently started selling their beautiful homemade reclaimed products through live online events on Facebook. They approached me when they decided to expand to broadcasting seven nights a week. All of the artists that they are choosing align with their core principles of ethical production and giving new life to old objects. We have all been impacted by the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to our lovely coastal community last year.

I invite you to join Jes and Reid for the launch of their “Harvey Edition” of shows, starting tonight (and every night) at 8pm Central time. Please follow their Facebook page so you are notified when the show goes live. And please share with your friends. Together, we can make a difference!


Kelly / Play on Words Design

FROM Jes’ Booty website:

After losing so much to Hurricane Harvey, our family needed something sentimental to remind us of our daily strength and courage. Our children needed to see us make something beautiful from our pile of debris. What was destroyed, is now an heirloom that signifies growth, strength, and joy. It is our heart’s desire to create lasting treasures that move your heart.

You are stronger than the storm.

Tune in Sunday, July 15, 2018, at 8pm CST for the first of these shows! Follow Jes’ Booty on Facebook to get notifications when they go live. (P.S. Jes & Reid are masters of reclaimed/re-use art. Their planters and custom creations from the wreckage of Hurricane Harvey are one of a kind and beautiful!)

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