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This is a great method for artists, writers, entrepreneurs, makers – anyone trying to add some creative thinking to their process and workflow.

If you’re ready to generate and test out your ideas, you are in the right place!

IDEA Artistry begins with some very simple concepts, but if you follow along, in this easy-to-use formula, you will be generating IDEAs and creative solutions for all aspects of your art, your business, and your life, in no time at all. Let’s get started!

I is the first step, where we find inspiration. Collect images, thoughts, words, situations, anything that might spark some inspiration. Write them in a little notebook or use a note-taking app or program on your phone or computer. Be an idea hoarder. Clip, screenshot, save, take a photo, write on a cocktail napkin – whenever and wherever a new inspiration strikes.

Now, pick one. (That’s the hard part.) Fill out the “I” section of the worksheet with every possible variation of taking this inspiration into your art, your business, your writing, your product development, or your life (you pick).

D is the next step, where we work out the details and the design. Write down possibilities for materials, color, size, variations – all aspects of your idea. Then get to designing a prototype, or establishing the rules that you will follow in the next step.

E is the execution phase. This is where we just do it. Make that thing, write that chapter, start that new habit. Get ‘er done.

A is the final phase, but this is never really the end. Assess your idea, art, writing, product – get outside input, test market, beta test. And then use this information to either improve the initial concept, or to modify it and start over again.

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The IDEA Artistry Workbook and Journal are also coming soon.

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