FRAME – 5 day creative challenge

Start a creative habit in 5 days. Get 2018 off to a great start with this Fearless Real Art Making Endeavor (FRAME) Challenge.


Each day, for five days, you will make and share ART.
You can choose from our 5 prompts, or use 5 different techniques, or create 5 of the same, i.e. 5 rabbits, 5 unicorns, 5 abstract paintings.
The subject, technique, materials and style are up to you. The key is to do it. Each day. For five days.
Then you will share your work (or share a message about what you have done).
At the end of five days, you will have started a creative habit, which I hope you will continue.
I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Complete 5 days in a row, post in our Facebook Group, and WIN!

Everyone that completes 5 days by January 31, 2018, will receive a Social Media Certificate of Completion/Graphic! And one lucky FRAMER will be randomly selected to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a $50 Play on Words webstore eGift Card! Drawing will take place February 1, 2018.

Ready to get started? Sign up here!

Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group! Share in the group or on Instagram to win. Tag each day with the hashtags #FRAMEday1 #FRAMEday2 #FRAMEday3 #FRAMEday4 #FRAMEday5

I’ll post 5 daily prompts here and in the Facebook Group starting January 1st.


In order to succeed, let’s make this MANAGEABLE. Don’t set out to paint the Sistine Chapel each day. Think of tiny creative projects. The key is not the outcome, but the process and the habit. Daily practice for artists (or creative beings) is like a singer doing scales, piano practice, dance routines and actors rehearsing.

Suggestion #2 – use what you have. Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve been inspired to try a new technique, only to seek out and purchase all sorts of new supplies, gadgets and materials, only to let them sit (sometimes for years) before I finally get around to trying them out. Keep this SIMPLE – you can add to the personal challenges if you decide to continue a daily creative practice, but for now, just use what you already have laying around.

The real key – for the next five days is to make this little creative habit part of your daily routine. What do you do each morning? Fit this challenge into that routine. (Or another part of the day, if that works better for you.) When I take on a daily challenge, my most successful routine is:

Make coffee

Drink coffee

Ponder “to do” list


TAKE PHOTO (the “proof”)

POST PHOTO (the “accountability”)

Continue on with the rest of my morning…

A few tips:

Focus on the process, not the end result

Don’t try for perfection

Do challenge yourself to try new things (techniques, materials, subject matter), but don’t get consumed by buying all the things, and don’t get “analysis paralysis” trying to decide what to do

Ideas will spur new ideas – take a prompt and run with it – in any direction – or come up with your own prompt

The KEY is to START

Keep going – don’t expect one day to make a difference – keep at it

Set aside a TIME and a PLACE for your daily practice

Give yourself permission to PLAY

CELEBRATE each day – each milestone

The rules:

There are no real rules

Prep backgrounds the day before if you wish, or not

Do whatever you wish with the PROMPTS – take them literally, figuratively, humorously, sarcastically…

The logistics:

You can start this 5 day challenge any time

I will post prompts on, in the FRAME Facebook Group, and on Instagram each day – use them or not

Post your completed project or your progress each day in the Facebook Group or on Instagram and tag with #FRAMEday1, #FRAMEday2, #FRAMEday3, #FRAMEday4, #FRAMEday5 (if you would tag @powonwheels in IG posts, that would help others find the challenge, too)

            Everyone who posts Day 1-5 will receive a Certificate of Completion/Social Media graphic to share with the world and be eligible for the drawing on February 1, 2018, where I will give away a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a a $50 Play on Words webstore eGift Card

Let me know if you have questions – I’ll be around the Group all month to encourage and give you inspiration – you got this! Now, go forth with your Fearless Real Art Making Endeavor and complete the 5 Day Challenge!


Ready for a bigger challenge in 2018? Check out the 30 Day IDEA Artistry Online Workshop.

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