Bookmark Heads

Cool collage collaboration.

Here’s the Facebook post that grabbed my interest:

I have over 400 bookmarks with the heads of poets, narrators and writers on it.
I would like to send each interested artists 3 different pieces:
1st one : starter by me for you to finish
2nd one: solo collage from you
3rd one: starter collage from you for me to finish
All three finished pieces of artwork are then supposed to be posted into this facebook group and I would also like you to send them back to me.

So I signed up, and got my Bookmark Heads from Vienna.

Here are my Bookmark Heads, on their way back across the Atlantic:


Started by Kevin G. Brandtner, finished by me.








“Arnolt Dresses Up” – Solo collage by me.









Third bookmark – started by me, sent back to Kevin G. Brandtner to finish.










If you are interested in participating, go to the Bookmark Heads Facebook Group here.

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