Blackout Poetry – Quick DIY

Stealing from Austin Kleon again – not really, but here’s a quick way to stretch your creative muscles.

Kleon, Austin-based artist and author of Steal Like An Artist, is also well-known for his blackout poetry. Check out his latest little ditty here: The Value of Nonsense

Here are a couple of Blackout Poems that I recently created.

“He looked up – a friend of his – all trace of him was lost.” (Pretty poetic, eh?)

“His crowning achievement – write up his diary, prying into where other men hated him.” (Another piece of poetic genius, right? But you get the idea.)

Got writer’s block? Trying to be creative? Grab a marker and an old book or newspaper!

Pick the words you want to keep and start blacking out the rest. Kleon has a whole book of blackout poetry, but if you search the internet (or Pinterest), you will find all sorts of inspiring ways to take blackout poems to the next level.

What are you creating today?


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