Assemblage Art – start with a groomsman

I’ve talked about using an object or a mental challenge as a creativity starter before. And I continue to find that I do my best creative thinking when I make up little challenges. Like looking in the fridge and challenging yourself to make a new recipe based only on what you have.

I continue to challenge to myself to “start with” something, and just see where the art ends up taking me, and the challenge often takes the form of some odd object that I find at a thrift store or garage sale.

This piece, “match game | dating game”, started with a garage sale find – a ziploc baggie with not one, not two, but TEN plastic groomsmen – you know, the kind that go on the top of wedding cakes. I wanted to use all ten, and that is how this assemblage art piece was born.

Other “finds” in this piece include: cigar boxes, game boards (Monopoly, Parchesi, checkers, and a regional “Texas Tycoon” version of Monopoly), random puzzle pieces and game pieces (dice, checkers, Scrabble tiles, dominoes, Legos, poker chips, Monopoly houses, Bingo numbers), along with some odd bits (old cell phone, Dymo labels, a rusty old saw blade) and my usual assortment of ephemera (yearbooks, playing cards, Lotería cards). Add a spring, a bottle cap, some wire and some beads because I wanted to have “movement” in the piece. Plus a bit of paint, a thrift store frame, and lots of glue/adhesives.

Here’s a fun look at the piece and the parts that make it come alive. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Just remember, you can start anywhere, make your own rules, and get to places that you would never expect. That’s the amazing thing about creativity. So, I challenge you to “start with” something. I’ve got some idea starters on my free Creative Bingo Card download – use these as starters and to make your own rules! Sign up for the email list and you can begin the Bingo Creativity Challenge today. Even more fun – invite a friend to participate in the challenge and see who can get a BINGO first!

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