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The best way for me to describe this site is “a crazy collage of art and ideas.” I aim to curate creativity, culture and community on this little piece of the interwebs and I hope that you will join me. FOR THE LATEST POSTS, CLICK “BLOG” IN THE MENU.

Who am I?

I’m Kelly. I make stuff. For over 20 years, I made theatre. Then I made a bookstore. And some other stuff. Now I live simply, on the road, in about 100 square feet, in a vintage travel trailer that doubles as office space and studio space. After 25 Minnesota winters, I decided to stay warm and to follow the weather, and for the past three years have proudly worn the title of “Winter Texan” in a lovely, arty, coastal community. I try to keep my expenses low and I make stuff and sell stuff to keep the adventure moving forward.

A lifelong learner and serial entrepreneur, when I began funding my full-time RV lifestyle, I took some of my bookstore knowledge and my lifelong passion for thrift stores and estate sales, and began selling used books on Amazon. (If you have questions about Amazon’s FBA program – which can be ideal for a life on the road – let me know.) I also take advantage of Amazon’s large online audience for designing T-Shirts. I’ve also got some books and other products available through Print on Demand. It means I can sell those items online without the hassle and storage needs of doing my own fulfillment and customer service.

It has been my goal since the beginning to make art every day. I finally quit talking about it and started doing it on June 1st and I am making stuff every day. This site is where I share what I make, how I make it, what inspires me, and it also allows me to sell art and other stuff. Please take a look around and tell your friends. I hope you will think of me when you want a unique one-of-a-kind gift, or if you want to support an emerging, 50+ year old artist, living a simple life, on the road, making stuff. I’ll talk more about my work, my inspiration, and my techniques in separate posts. Workshops, challenges, and online exhibits are all in the works here. Please take a look around the site.

Where am I?

My Studio:

As a full-time RVer for 4.5 years now, the studio has changed – 3 times so far!

I’m currently parked along the Texas Coast y’all – soaking up some sun after 25 years in MinneSNOWta!

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Pick a category under WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? and have a look around. Ala cARTe is my daily art – new images posted regularly. Art Here includes other, usually larger works, and other art-related news. DIY will walk you through some new techniques and In The Studio is where I’ll show you behind the scenes experiments and works-in-progress. I’ll share some reviews at Fangirl Reviews and highlight the work of others in my creativity, culture and community posts. Other Inspiration includes links to my art and designs on other sites, recommended materials, supplies, and other products like workshops, books and downloads.


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