A Delicate Operation

“A Delicate Operation” is an original mixed media collage on 8×10 canvas board. It sports a high gloss finish, with added “BLING”.

Black gesso, gold leaf paint, and an old dress pattern’s tissue make up the background for this striking piece. Handcut images of an anatomy lesson and a gloved hand holding tweezers, combine with the little extras that make this collage truly one-of-a-kind. The blingy fabric was rescued from the thrift shop trash pile, as it was ripped, but perfectly usable for my purposes. I added a little “gear” from somewhere, to give the tweezers somewhere to focus. The photo doesn’t really do this one justice – the fabric is dimensional, though the photo makes the hand and tweezers look like they are coming off the page. It is pretty awesome – and very shiny – in person!