Building Blocks 🔴

“Building Blocks” is a series of 30 small encaustic mixed media pieces – created like an old-fashioned sampler. I love the properties that the hot wax adds to my paper collage work. I love the ability to add more layers and more texture. Creating this alphabet sampler was a great way to experiment and practice new ways of working with wax, paper, and other media. We build compositions by taking the elements of design and putting them together – the building blocks here are the alphabet, which leads to words, sentences, and paragraphs. As I built the layers of these small blocks, I built something that would also work together to be greater and different than the sum of these small pieces. It’s a story; it’s a journey; it’s a “new normal.”

In 2020, 41 Rockport Artists created art responding to our changing times. Selected by a jury panel, these artists received grants totaling $150,000 that culminated in this exhibition. Thank you to Fine Line Group, Alice Walton Foundation, Tartaglino Richards Family Foundation for providing these seminal grants. 

This piece will be displayed (and available for purchase!) at the New Normal Second Act exhibit at the Gallery at Anita Diebel Studio, 111 North Austin Street, Rockport, TX. 

Art Loop Reception, Saturday, August 7th and Closing Reception, Saturday, August 28. See you there!